This raw dessert uses coconut, (rather than nuts) to bind the cake ingredients. I find many raw desserts very ‘nut heavy’ – nut bases with nut creme fillings – so I wanted to try something a bit lighter. I didn’t think that the shredded coconut and coconut milk would bind, but it worked beautifully!

The filling of this recipe come courtesy of Mandi’s Alternative Baking Blog – check it out here.

I altered the crust – mine is made with a macadamia and mixed seed base.

ALTERNATIVE VERSION: Mango ‘cheesecake’ – replace lime with lemon, and kiwi fruit with mango

Healing Ingredients:

Coconut: thanks to the buzz around coconut water, the health benefits of coconuts are more widely known and utilized now than ever before. Beyond the direct health benefits, the boom in coconut consumption also aids the whopping one third of the global population who depend on coconuts for either food or economy. Rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, parts of the coconut can be used to heal anything from skin problems to tumors. There is even a research centre dedicated to coconuts! Check it out: Coconut Research Centre.

Lime: High in Vitamin C and in fact provides more of this vitamin than lemons do.

You will need:

Spring form cake pan

Food processor

Filling Ingredients:

2 cups of shredded coconut

2 TBSP coconut oil

400 mls of raw coconut milk

3 regular limes – juice and zest separated

1/4 cup light agave

Dash of Himalayan salt

Crust Ingredients:

1.5 cups unsalted, raw macadamias

1/2 cup dates, chopped and soaked

.5 cup mixed seeds

2 TBSP shredded coconut

Topping Ingredients:

3 kiwi fruits, peeled and diced

Dash of vanilla


Blend coconut oil and shredded coconut for around 5 minutes- until liquified.

Add coconut milk, and blitz again.

Add lime juice, agave and salt.

Blitz until completely combined.

Refrigerate in a container until cold and set – mine took around three hours to firm up.

Blend nuts and seeds until roughly ground.

Add dates and coconut

Blend until combined, but still a little bit biscuity.

Press nut mixture into the cake pan.

Spoon in refrigerated filling.

Set back in the fridge to bind. (If still a little soft – freeze for one hour before serving)

Add kiwi fruit topping to serve.

Enjoy! J x