Radical Recipes (Live & Raw) is an experimental space for my own vegan recipes, as well as the occasional meditation or source review.

I am really interested in the healing properties of the ingredients that I use and this site allows me to explore the triadic relationship between creation, sustenance and satisfaction.

This little site developed organically in response to queries and questions from friends and family about ‘what’ I eat. I hope that these recipes are accessible and appealing to all people – I try to use affordable, local ingredients and simple, fuss-free methods. I really believe that simplicity is the kindest option for our bodies. Really, this page is about enjoying food and experimenting in the kitchen – but I am certainly no professional. Radical Recipes is a simple page – it isn’t about where I shop or what I wear – it is about cooking with love and eating with joy. So if you have any suggestions or hiccups with the recipes, please let me know – I follow tastes rather than recipes, so many of my quantities are unmeasured…

My approach to health has been a process of swings and roundabouts, and it took me a long time to get to where I am now. I have however been blessed to be surrounded by friends who have taught me that it is important to be 100% present whilst growing foods, creating recipes, and eating meals, and to be grateful for the privilege that is choosing veganism and local, organic sources. Their holistic understandings of food sources and the processes of consumption have been both illuminating and challenging, and I thank them for their guidance.

Happy experimenting, J x