I have adapted this list from one that my naturopath made for me, and it covers most of the foods that I include in a weekly shop. Although I do eat some imported ‘superfoods’ such as goji berries, chia seeds, quinoa and cacao powder – there are plenty of local sources for essential nutrients.

Food source Protein content per 100g Iron content per 100g Calcium content per 100g
Recommended intake p/day – women 45-55g/day 18mg/day 1,000mg or 1g/day
Firm tofu 12g 2.9mg 130mg
Tempeh 23.2g 9.2mg 111mg
Cooked chickpeas 6.3g 1.8mg 70mg
Cooked lentils 6.8g 2mg 50mg
Cooked kidney beans 6.6g 1.7mg 70mg
Cashews (raw) 17g 5mg 34mg
Almonds (raw) 19.5g 3.9mg 250mg
Brazil nuts (raw) 14.4g 2.2mg 150mg
Walnuts (raw) 14.4g 2.5mg 89mg
Pumpkin seeds (raw) 24.4g 10mg 43mg
Sunflower seeds (raw) 26.8g 4.3mg 100mg
Tahini paste 20.4g 5.1mg 330mg
Pumpernickel bread 6.4g 2.9mg 68mg
Quinoa (uncooked) 14g 4.9mg 60mg
Cacao powder (raw) 27g 40mg 200mg
Chia seeds 21g 9.9mg 680mg
Prunes 3g 1.1mg 52mg
Dried figs 3.30g 2.03mg 162mg
Dates 2g 2.6mg 47mg
Spinach 2.86g 3.5mg 58mg
Broccoli 4.2g 0.86mg 33mg
Parsley 17.2g 2.7mg 190mg
Basil (raw) 2g 1.8mg 230mg
Kale 3.30mg 1.70mg 135mg