‘Free’ and ‘radical’ are two of my favourite words, but in the context of your insides, an accumulation of free radicals disrupts the development of healthy living cells – a process linked to heart disease and cancer.

Free radicals gain their name from the radical process in which, once ‘freed’ from a weak molecular bond, they attack the nearest molecule to gain stability once more. Free radicals arise naturally in the body, often during the process of metabolism.

However in an increasingly chemical world, the impact of environmental factors including pollution, pesticides, preservatives, cigarette smoke and radiation contribute to a higher ratio of free radical accumulation that the body would naturally experience.

One commonly recommended antidote for the accumulation of free radicals in the body is the inclusion of antioxidants through fruit and vegetables in your diet. And this is where my free radical rant links to this recipe!

Healing ingredients:

Green tea: is one of the most powerful sources of antioxidants as it has a high dose of polyphenols – a particularly effective antioxidant.

Prunes: in some studies, prunes have been found to have almost as high an antioxidant level as their more glamorous equivalent, the blueberry. Also high in fibre, you are much more likely to find organic prunes than organic blueberries at your local markets or food store!

Coconut: thanks to the buzz around coconut water, the health benefits of coconuts are more widely known and utilized now than ever before. Beyond the direct health benefits, the boom in coconut consumption also aids the whopping one third of the global population who depend on coconuts for either food or economy. Rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, parts of the coconut can be used to heal anything from skin problems to tumors. There is even a research centre dedicated to coconuts! Check it out: Coconut Research Centre.

Notes: The coconut yoghurt needs at least 10 hours fermentation time, depending on the climate of your home. The recipe linked below will open in a new page.

Serves 4!


1 cup prunes

1 tablespoon macha green tea powder

1 cup room temperature water

2 cups of raw coconut yoghurt (recipe here)

1 tablespoon vanilla bean powder

Star anise to serve


In a bowl, stir the green tea powder and water until the powder dissolves

Pour over the prunes, and if a warm/cool day, leave to soak for 4 hours. (If it is a hot day, refrigerate for 6 hours to avoid stagnation and mould building). The prunes should look quite bloated.

Refer to the coconut yoghurt recipe linked above to make the yoghurt, and once set and refrigerated for at least one hour – add the vanilla bean powder, stirring until evenly distributed.

Drain the prunes (you can use the left over tea water to make iced tea!)

For each serve, scoop the coconut yoghurt into a bowl, frame with four or five prunes, and sprinkle with extra vanilla bean powder.

The star anise can be crumbled on top, or used simply for decoration!

Enjoy! J x